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HTA-30V is high pressure steam sterilizer what is use the saturated vapour for kill microbe and harmful gem.
This is for clinics and hospitals to sterilize a variety of medical and surgical instrument.


Development for the product competitiveness are as follows:

1. Automated Door Locking System : When press the start buton, door lock will locked automatically then finish all the process of sterilize it will be open.
2. Steam Check Valve : Combined The existing single-directional check valve and temperature part .
It makes exact temperature check at the same time reduce costs.
3. Automated Door Locking System : All the operation over after 1 hour by shutting off the power automatically.
It is for preventing the loss of power and accidents that may occur while the user is not standby.


Hansung Medical is specialized in manufacturing of sterilizer and we are also expanding our business area to motor operated medical aspirator and nasal valve dilator.
All of Hansung members try to realize customer satisfaction by means of technically competitive development and to lead medical circumstances which is quickly being advanced.
In addition, Hansung built agency network over the domestic territory to increase brand value by thorough follow-up management.
The market of sterilizer is classified by the capacity which means high, middle and small capacity and Hansung is high ranked in the field of small capacity.
We also acquired european certification which is international standard to enter the global market and have started entering North Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America since 2010. Hansung medical is constantly challenging under the slogan of enhancing quality competitiveness, systematization of production, globalization, realizing customer satisfaction.